Get Onboard The RevOps Rocket Ship Your Journey To Sales, Marketing and  Customer Success

Enrich your tech stack. We’re offering an all-in-one platform that goes way beyond what you’d expect from a typical CRM. Get ready for some smooth marketing automation, supercharged CRM features, a sales funnel that’s easy to keep an eye on, and messaging that ties everything together. It’s everything your team needs, all in one place!


You’re not just accessing a platform — you’re unlocking a world of opportunities to watch your business thrive like never before.

No more duct-taping platforms together

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple tools and platforms. Handshakr combines all the essential tools you need under one roof, seamlessly integrated for a smooth and efficient workflow.

Capture leads effortlessly

From dynamic landing pages to interactive surveys, versatile forms to convenient calendars, and even an inbound phone system, Handshakr provides a comprehensive suite of lead capture tools that ensure no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Nurture leads like never before

Engage and nurture your leads automatically through various channels, including voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, and even Facebook Messenger. Keep your leads warm and connected with minimal effort.

Effortlessly close deals

With built-in tools designed to streamline your sales process, Handshakr enables you to collect payments seamlessly, schedule appointments efficiently, and track analytics effectively – empowering you to close deals faster and smarter.


A Comprehensive Platform for Lead Capture

An entire suite platform specifically for marketers, featuring an advanced Page Builder designed to effortlessly capture new leads.

Design Websites, Funnels, and Landing Pages with Ease

Unlock the power to create fully featured websites complete with custom menus and craft high-converting, engaging landing pages—all from one integrated Platform.

Simplify Lead Capture with Drag & Drop Surveys and Forms

Our Platform includes built-in tools for creating surveys and forms, making Lead capture a breeze. Seamlessly integrate these tools with our page builder or incorporate them into your existing websites.

Seamless Online Appointment Scheduling

Elevate your business by capturing appointments directly. Our in-built calendar application streamlines the appointment scheduling process, enabling you to manage bookings in one smooth flow.


Transform Leads Into Loyal Customers

Elevate your lead nurturing process with Handshakr and turn potential into profitability through customised campaigns and seamless communication.

Customise Follow-Up Campaigns with Ease

Harness our multi-channel follow-up campaigns to automatically deliver compelling follow-ups and engage your leads effectively, ensuring you capture their responses.

Create Dynamic Multi-Channel Campaigns

With Handshakr, you can seamlessly connect with your leads via Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops, SMS/MMS, Emails, and Facebook Messenger. Our Platform empowers you to create an interconnected campaign that resonates with your audience across multiple channels.

Engage in Two-Way Communication Anywhere, Anytime

Stay connected with your leads through our comprehensive mobile app. Handshakr ensures you can maintain two-way communication with your leads on any device, facilitating continuous engagement and nurturing.


Empowered To Close More Deals

Access all the necessary training and resources to kick-start or advance your business.

Streamline Your Workflow for Enhanced Efficiency

Leverage our Pipeline Management feature to monitor your leads’ progress through the sales funnel efficiently, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Simplified Payment Collection

Thanks to our direct integration with Stripe, you can seamlessly collect payments through your websites and funnels or upon booking an appointment.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Our dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of lead progression and revenue generation across different stages, allowing you to gain valuable insights.


Effortless Scheduling, Fully Automated Booking

Transform the way you schedule appointments with our fully automated booking system, designed to secure leads and prospects on your calendar seamlessly—no manual effort required.

Efficiently Automate Appointment Conversations

Initiate automated text conversations that guide your booked appointments straight to your calendar, eliminating the need for direct human intervention.

Tailor Your Communication with Ease

Our intuitive campaign builder lets you personalise your messaging, ensuring your communications resonate with your audience.

Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Tap into the advanced capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to streamline and enhance conversation management.

Plans & Pricing

Simplicity In Subscription

RevOps + Academy + Marketplace


Our one-plan, one-price model ensures that you get full access to all our premium features without the complexity of multiple tiers or hidden costs. For a single monthly recurring payment, unlock the door to unparalleled value and efficiency. Say goodbye to decision fatigue and hello to straightforward pricing that propels you forward, month after month.


CRM, Funnels & Form Builder


Social Media Integration


SMS, Email & Telephone


Unlimited Emails & Calls*


Email Marketing & Automation


Reputation Management


Proposals & Estimates


Calendar Integration


Payment & Invoicing




Sales Training & Marketing Guides


Entrepreneur Classes

Seller Onboarding — Standard (£479)

Our optional ‘Standard’ integration service offers personalised assistance to enhance your workflow by connecting communications channels, calendars, and platforms over four tailored sessions. We commit to a professional, friendly approach, ensuring your organisational efficiency is our top priority.

Seller Onboarding — Done For You (£1,279)

Our optional ‘Done-For-You’ integration service effortlessly connects your communication channels, calendars, and platforms, with everything handled by our customer success team. Enjoy a professional, seamless experience as we prioritise your organisational efficiency, ensuring a custom-fit solution without the hassle.

Seller Marketplace Listing Support (£99)

Our optional Seller Marketplace Listing Support service is designed to elevate your seller profile within our marketplace, significantly increasing your visibility and opportunities within our extensive buyer network. By enhancing your profile, we aim to attract more buyers and maximize your sales potential. Trust us to give your listing the competitive edge it deserves, connecting you with a wider audience.

Save Money and Replace

Your Complex Tech Stack

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Switching to Handshakr has been a game-changer for our business. Its integrated tools have streamlined our operations, eliminating the need to juggle multiple platforms. With Handshakr, our lead capture and nurturing processes are more efficient than ever, allowing us to close deals faster and focus more on growth. The comprehensive dashboard also gives us valuable insights to make informed decisions. Handshakr is truly a partner in our success.

V Hardwick Limited

Independent Building Surveyor

Handshakr Academy has significantly propelled my understanding of digital marketing and sales strategies. The courses are detailed, easy to follow, and the instructors are experts in their fields. With flexible learning options, I was able to improve my skills while managing my business. The community and support offered are outstanding, making learning a collaborative and enriching experience. Handshakr Academy is a goldmine for anyone looking to elevate their business.

Antur Atlas Group Ltd

Marketing Agency and Consulting

Finding the right tech solutions for our enterprise had always been a challenge until we discovered Handshakr. The platform has made the discovery process incredibly straightforward, offering a curated selection of SMB tech solutions that are truly revolutionary. Handshakr has not only saved us time but has also introduced us to innovations that have been critical in solving our challenges and unlocking new opportunities. Handshakr is an indispensable resource for any enterprise looking to leverage cutting-edge tech solutions.

Flying River

Technology R&D